RegenMed Career Center

The Regeneration Station would like to become an important resource in your job search and personal career development. Be sure to sign up for our email list, and check out all the Cool Regenmed Jobs in the left sidebar. Keep visiting the site for updated posts on the job search, new job links, and advice for surviving and thriving in the regenmed industry.

Below is the list of posts that are directly related to the job search:

  1. Jobs in Regenerative Medicine: part 1
  2. The Regenerative Medicine Industry Job Search: Resources and Advice
  3. The Job Search: Large vs. Small Companies – pros and cons
  4. The Regenerative Medicine Job Search: The Interview
  5. Career Strategy Tip: Read Job Posts Even if You are Not Graduating for 2-3 Years
A useful resource for your job search is a new book out by Toby Freedman, PhD, all about the various aspects of both the job search and the different jobs available within the Biotech Industry. A must read for those looking or thinking about getting a new job.

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