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Human-Animal Hybrids Prohibition Act Introduced in Congress

Senators Sam Brownback (R-Kan) and Mary Landrieu (D-La) introduced the Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act to Congress last week that would make outlaws of scientists that create part human, part animal beings. According to a white paper published by Friends of … Continue reading

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CellCyte Issued Patent for Enhancing Cell Delivery to Cardiac Tissue

CellCyte Genetics Corporation recently announced that US Patent No 7,282,222 was issued, a patent which they have exclusive rights to. The press release states that the patent covers unique methods and compositions “to deliver and direct stem cells to target … Continue reading

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Embryonic Stem Cells without Embryos: big scientific impact, but doesn’t change industry direction

I do not want to undermine the importance of the great work that was done in generating pluripotent stem cells from adult skin cells, but the only thing I think about when hearing this news is TIME and MONEY. I … Continue reading

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Athersys’ adult allogeneic stem cell IND gets OK from FDA

On November 15, 2007, Athersys announced in a press release that they had received a letter from the FDA giving the green light to start a Phase I safety study of MultiStem, their adult, allogeneic stem cell product. Athersys will … Continue reading

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Geron publishes data suggesting that Embyonic Stem Cells may not need long term immunosuppression

An interesting study was published this week in the Journal of Neuroimmunology spurring a press release from Geron that stated “GERON’S HUMAN EMBRYONIC STEM (ES) CELL-BASED THERAPEUTIC FOR SPINAL CORD INJURY EVADES DIRECT ATTACK BY THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM”. The … Continue reading

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Inaugural Post @ The Regeneration Station

I am not sure if you noticed, but the stem cell stocks haven’t been performing all that great in 2007, especially compared to technology companies like Apple or Google. So now seems as good a time as any to start … Continue reading

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